University of Birmingham Academics 
  • I thought this was the best training I've had at the University.  Excellent  day.  The tailoring made it so relevant and the positive attitude was incredibly inspiring and encouraging.  I can't recommend this course more enthusiastically.  Very pleased." 
  • The practical sessions and feedback were very useful."
  • "All of it was most useful." 
  • "The most useful was the practice and feedback and learning from others."
West Midlands Safari Park  
  • "Really enjoyed it.  Left feeling a lot more confident." 
  • "Extremely beneficial course delivered by experienced trainers." 
  • "A really good day.  Very informative and helpful."
 Institute of Bio-medical Research, University of Birmingham 
  • "It was fantastic and really helped my understanding of communicating complex scientific ideas in a simple way.  I feel it has also helped me personally, improving my confidence with talking to the media and just communicating in general."
  • "It was very well thought out and structured.  Listening back to the recordings of all of us was very useful. We could put the theory we're just learned into practice immediately."
  • "The theory was incredibly informative and engaging, so I can relate it to other aspects of my life.  Also practice what were have been taught was very insightful."
  • "The morning was hugely useful.  Both of the practical sessions allowed us to put the theory into practice, taking us out of our comfort zones, which proved very useful."  
Ageing Better in Birmingham (Groundwork West Midlands) 
  • "The practical interviews and personal feedback were most useful.  Sandy was fabulous."
  • "All of it was useful.  The practical side was very good."
  • "Very interesting day.  Extremely useful, especially analysis of the interview, bridging statements and how to block difficult questions." 
Cultural Interns 2017, University of Birmingham
  • "I loved everything I tried.  The practical side was brilliant but what made it so useful was the analysis afterwards where we could practically improve." 
  • "The structure of the day was well balanced and fluid.  The theory was practical and applicable and the interviews were great first hand experience.  Really fun, really interesting, fluid and well balanced.  It was really great.  I would like to come back and try again."" 
  • "I  liked the ABC theory. I think it's useful in everyday life too, i.e. a job interview"
  • "Having the theory first worked really well to allow us to test what we'd learnt."
  •  "The actual moments of practically exercising the theory we're learnt was brilliant to embed the lessons we were learning.  And the ABC method, the idea that we can be the ones in control was so valuable.  I didn't know this existed; I think it was brilliant."  
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • "Brilliant and very insightful." 
  • "Fast and furious.  Sandy has tremendous credibility."
  • "Excellent." 
University of Birmingham Academics 
  • "Sandy is an excellent teacher;  highly knowledgeable and perceptive.  The teaching was perfectly tailored to everyone's needs." 
  • "Very good feedback which was constructive not critical.  I have never done anything like this before but Sandy put me at ease and I feel much more confident about the whole situation now."
Federation of Petroleum Suppliers
  • "The course was well planned, well communicated with a good structure.  Being in the environments that may be experienced, sharing the good and the bad bits from each attendee was really useful." 
  • "Excellent course and a big confidence builder."
  • "Excellent.  It was useful practicing the interviews and learning from the approach of the other attendees. Great feedback on each interview from Sandy."
  • "The practical session has given me the confidence to have a go"
  • "Sandy was fab.  Really boosted my confidence."
  • "Excellent course tutor in Sandy.  It was useful to understand the process, and making certain that we prepare the message"
  • "Very useful day and a grim reminder of how practice makes perfect."
University of Birmingham Undergraduate Students Presentation Training
  • Very friendly and comfortable environment. After critique, gave me a lot more confidence in front of the camera and more control of what I was saying."
  • "Useful for future presentations and for job applications."
  • "This training should be provided for every student in the University."
  • "It was great.  I loved the session."
  • "Excellent, clear and useful information.  A really good workshop in all aspects."
  • "It was fantastic.  I learnt so much in so little time." 
Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation
  • "Really useful training for personal insight and tips on how to present myself."  
  • "Illuminating day focussing positively on what is an uncomfortable thing for probation officers to do.  Will help massively in lots of ways"
  • "Considering I approached the day terrified, Sandy made it fun and safe.  Feedback was provided in a constructive way so that I could receive the messages.  Excellent and a big thank you."
  • "Extremely useful training providing opportunities to practice in a safe environment. Sandy's advice and insight were fantastic."  
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
  • "I found this an invaluable experience. Thank you."
  • " A very helpful and constructive day"
  • " I didn't know what to expect, but was put at ease and felt I learnt a lot." 
  • "Sandy was excellent, and very supportive. It was a really good session and I would welcome another one."
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • "The scenarios were very tailored to my area of work.  The feedback was excellent and it was a great opportunity and insight into how I come across from an objective point of view." 
  • "10/10  - this is my honest feedback."
  • "Very useful and well delivered"
  • "Felt completely out of my comfort zone at first, then really enjoyed it.  Thanks for all the help and feedback.  Happy to undertake an interview now on subjects I know."
  • "I feel I have learned a lot about how to phrase things and keep answers concise and relevant."
  • Excellent thanks.  Just need it yearly."
University of Birmingham Cultural Interns 
  • "It was one of the best courses I have ever done.  Really enjoyed it.  Pace was excellent, feedback really useful.  I would like to do it again for a whole day."
  • "The training has made me think about how to answer the media and at the same time use opportunities to sell services.  I have found this session very valuable."
  • "I found the small group useful to reflect on the interviews.  Very useful and will be applied in practice."
  • "I have always resisted, suffered much stress at the thought of any kind of role play.  However this was really really helpful and very professionally delivered."
  • "Very useful and interesting afternoon."
  • "Very useful and I enjoyed the practical sessions." 
 University of Birmingham, Guild of Students President
  • "The practice behind the mic and in front of the camera was extremely useful.  The whole experience was incredibly enjoyable and useful.  Sandy and team were incredibly welcoming and the day was a pleasure from start to finish." 
 NHS Northamptonshire Stop Smoking Service
  • "Brilliant.  Really useful tips, friendly session.  Some of the best training I've been fortunate to take part in."
  • "Very good training, I found it very useful."
  • "Very good and interesting." 
 University of Birmingham
  • "A very laid back course which was highly enjoyable. "
  • "The range of different kinds of interviews in very real situations was excellent, as was the feedback provided by Sandy"
  • "It was all very good and well balanced,  Clearly extremely well prepared.  Many thanks to the trainer - great style of work, extremely competent, the feedback was very helpful and I am sure I will use what I have been taught."
  • "A good balance of practical and theory" 
 University of Birmingham, Academic Services
  • "Really well delivered course.  Great case studies to work with which really made the course relevant to my job."
  • "Our trainer was really enthusiastic and positive.  Constructive criticism was most appreciated - I would highly recommend.  I appreciated the small group and enjoyed the quick pace."
  •  "Fantastic training.  Understanding the importance of preparation and how journalists pull out sound bites was most useful. The studio and TV interview play back was very helpful to hear the see the pitfalls and what works well."
  • "I liked the way we analysed all the interviews;  gave me plenty of pointers but also things to think about and ignore."
  • "Very useful and Sandy had a good balance of encouraging us and learning points to work on."
Royal National College for the Blind 
  •  Very well organised, some excellent hints and tips.  Really interesting. "
  • "The training was at a very good pace and informative, the interviews were very relevant, and the hints and tips very good.  It was a great opportunity."
  • "So useful to have relevant scenarios with which to engage."
  • " good opportunity to work with colleagues.  Lots of very useful advice and tips.  Gratifying to get such positive feedback."
  • "It definitely boosted my confidence.  Thank you for the tips and let's hope it will help us promote the college more."
  • "Very relevant to my current situation.  Enjoyed learning how to deal with interviews."

Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • "Objective, constructive and insightful"
  • "Extremely worthwhile.  Valuable training with tips and skills in anticiption of planned and unplanned media event."
  • "I found the workshop very insightful and helpful. Very enjoyable"
  • "Very enjoyable - more so than I had anticipated"
  • "Found the day very interesting again. Good to practice and have the immediate feedback" 

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • "Thought it was excellent.  Very helpful  - although I hope I don't have to use it!"
  • "Excellent afternoon.  I have learnt a lot from it"
  • "I appreciated the progressive work throughout the afternoon"

Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

  • "Excellent. I feel much more confident and aware of my interview technique"
  • "Really useful and appropriately focussed. Covered all important aspects. Very interactive"
  • "Very helpful learning curve"
  • "Great! Makes me a little braver to say 'yes'!"

Royal Orthopeadic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

  •  "Well structured, constructive, varied and topical"
  • "Really  honest feedback - painfully received but richly deserved and well understood"
  • "Great day - learned a lot"
  • "Excellent day - very useful"

University of Birmingham - post-graduate cultural interns

  • "The hands on experience was great! We learnt a lot of skills and tips"
  • "Very thorough insight into the world of media.  Friendly and helpful advice - made to feel very comfortable when confronting something potentially uncomfortable."
  • "Very good session.  I had no idea how to give a good interview before, but now feel much more confident"
  • "Excellent - especially the feedback.  Great to learn from mistakes"
  • "Very useful experience for improving communication skills"
  • "Really useful. Made aware of what information to focus on and how to turn round an interview to talk about what I want to talk about.  Very useful to review everyone's interviews and understand where things went wrong or well."
  • "Really useful to actually have a go at being interviewed and the logistics of putting together a radio/tv slot."

South Staffordshire Water Company

  • "The practical sessions and the review of those sessions helped break down a terrifying subject into something that could be approached methodically - dispelling the fear. An excellent, enjoyable session."
  • "An excellent format and trainer.  A very difficult subject; however Sandy successfully put us all at ease to ensure we all realised the maximum learning."
  • "The trainer delivered the training in a professional and comfortable manner. It was excellently delivered."
  • "Sandy's manner was very relaxing and gave me confidence."
  • "Very enjoyable and learnt a great deal about interview technique."
  • "Top notch."

University of Birmingham Post Graduates

  • "This was a wonderful training session which has direct applicability in an academic environment. The relevance of this training for teaching and research staff should be more widely known. It was great."
  • "An excellent introduction to media training.  Extremely useful and well tailored."
  • "Thank you for your positive outlook and feedback which inspired me to improve."
  • "Good structure.  Sandy was really professional and helpful and the prepared scenarios were helpful." 

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

  • "Excellent training - professional, enjoyable and realistic."
  • "This was excellent, not just for media involvement but all interactions in our clinical setting."
  • "Very topical and the practicals were excellent."
  • "Very useful from a professional and personal perspective. Useful learning points I will use daily."
  • "Surprisingly enjoyable! Some real learning points for me. A must for all directors and senior clinicians."
  • "Really well delivered - thank you."
  • "Very useful, would have liked to have had this session prior to the public consultation. I have learnt a lot - thank you."
  • "Very good session. Would be useful to do again in the future."
  • "Extremely useful although difficult to look at yourself. Appreciated the insight given and feedback aimed at improving our understanding and skills."
  • "Very useful information, for now and the future."

West Midlands Strategic Health Authority

  • "Best and most relevant media training I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few !"
  • "Brilliant, great learning. Critical friend without threat.  Learned a lot, built on each stage."
  • "Very professional team."
  • "Very helpful training."
  • "Always good to hold a mirror up to your practice.  Very valuable to learn from others.  Sandy created a very safe environment in which to give constructive criticism."
  • "Really helpful refresher, thank you.  The pushing and toughness of some of the questions really helped to test me."
  • "Very helpful.  Small group excellent.  Key messages learnt, real life exercises good.  Very real life, realistic."
  • "This is my first experience of media training. I found it very relevant if not daunting."  
  • "Good to have a reminder of what to do and what not in a safe environment."
  • "Useful experience.  Have done it before but learn something new every time."
  • "Great stuff.  Needs to be a regular feature of our managers training."
  • "Much more difficult than I imagined.  Excellent constructive comments.  Would welcome future sessions." 

Birmingham Anti Social Behaviour Unit

  • "Probably the best piece of training I have ever been on."
  • "Undoubtedly the most interesting and useful training I’ve attended in years. Practical, useful, informative and professional."

Burton Hospitals NHS Trust

  • "An excellent and worthwhile day - plenty to think about and lots of hands-on experience and guidance to help us get our messages across and protect our reputation in a professional manner."

University of Birmingham International Relations

  • "I thought it was excellent.  Really well structured and obviously a lot of time and effort goes into preparing and running the session.  Can’t fault it."
  • "I was VERY nervous about today!  But Sandy made us feel very at ease.  The theory was a useful beginning point and the interviews were challenging but have definitely helped for future media and presentation situations."
  •  "Very good session and very enjoyable.  Learned a lot too. "

BEN PCT - Public Health Directors

  • "Exceptionally useful.  Very good feedback.  Great to have it customised to our needs."
  • "Excellent.  Very specific feedback that is of considerable, practical use."
  • "I thought the scenarios chosen were realistic and challenging.  Sandy clearly knew her topic and was able to communicate this clearly." As the result, the prom dresses 2016 has much damage especially on folded dress part. It is also not impossible that the dress looks so dirty when you are taking it out of its box.
  • "Excellent opportunity to do media training - highly relevant to post."
  • "Overall very useful;  tailored scenarios helped to highlight the relevance of the training." 
  • " Really good to have real life examples.  Hard to watch yourself on TV, but really worth it."


  • "An excellent impromptu opportunity to get some high quality media training which is an integral component of my training as public health registrar."
  • "Good learning experience, will continue to practice and build on this learning to increase my competence and confidence.  This way hopefully I will get it right on the night!"
  • "Really helpful, emphasising the point and doing the research."
  • "I found this training most useful.  Although it may be difficult for the trust to provide I would like to have more time with the practical elements.  Thank you."
  • "Really useful to have difficult issues to address and to practice in a safe environment.  Made very real.  Feedback was very constructive. "
  • "I have never been so nervous, but extremely interesting and useful."

West Midlands Specialised Commissioning

  • "Excellent, very relevant and enjoyable.  Scenarios were very realistic.  Many thanks."
  • "Very useful, certainly made me think before I speak.  Positive and constructive training."
  • "It was very good training, thoroughly satisfying."
  • "Best media training I have attended and extremely relevant and informal."
  • "Very competent and friendly.  Leant a lot and feel able to do an interview with confidence in the future. "
  • "For my first experience of media training I felt I have improved and learnt so much.  Still don’t want to do it, but at least I know I can."
  • "More focussed than previous media training that I’ve been on, which focuses the learning. "
  • "Rather alarming on the first video but got better.  Really valuable training event which is often rare."
  • "Enjoyed opportunity to be interviewed in different settings and the chance to think about variable media types."
  • "Really useful, hard work and lots of constructive feedback."

Heart of Birmingham PCT and GP Consortium leads

  • "Very useful, thorough and confidence building."
  • "Good fun and informative."
  • "Really, really useful. Being able to see myself was useful and to have feedback on areas of improvement.  Have learned a lot which is always good."
  • "Excellent, pragmatic session.  Good opportunity for reflection and self analysis."
  • "Very much useful and helpful"
  • "Excellent and very frightening !"
  • "Very helpful session."

NHS Diabetes and Kidney care

  • "I was very apprehensive about my ability to manage interviews effectively.  I feel better about the preparation for an interview now and also what to expect from the process."
  • "I know I need to prepare now. The day was taxing and enjoyable."
  • "Very good.  Helped refine key messages and good to get more practice."

Birmingham University Marketing:

  • "Very well structured day.  Clear progressions; setting of goals and objectives was clear, concise;  feedback good at all stages."
  • "Very useful and insightful."
  • "Very good, useful and good trainer.  Good positive, constructive feedback"


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